ISLMABAD - Former Davis cupper and Pride of Performance Hamidul Haq has clarified the position of tennis affairs in Pakistan especially the saga about the transfer of IG Islamabad Kalim Imam who is also the President of Pakistan Tennis Federation. He was referring to an article "Kaleem Imam transfer to disturb PTF financial apple carts" published in The Nation on Sunday and series of articles published earlier by Anisuddin Khan. In an exclusive interview with The Nation, Hamidul Haq while accepting that tennis in Pakistan is not on right path said that is not true that present set-up of PTF is responsible for it. He said the writer is trying to distract the attention of tennis fans from the misdeeds of actual perpetrators and trying to blame the people who are trying to correct the damage done by the people who are leaching to tennis offices since decades. "The present office-bearers have thrown them out and the writer on the behest of those office-bearers is trying to unjustly blame the present PTF office-bearers," he said. "The writer says Kaleem Imam and even Gen Rahimuddin who was the President PTF more than a quarter of century back, tried to attract businessmen through their official clout. He must know that PCB is the richest sporting set-up in the country; can he tell what official clout Ijaz Butt has or other office-bearers of PCB? Actually, businessmen sponsor only those tournaments which project their businesses," he said. Hamidul Haq said, "If sports bosses attract the sponsors it is always through their sporting activities and not because of their so called 'official clout'. Recently Caltex, not a Police Department that Kaleem Imam is heading, sponsored a tennis tournament at the PTF (Pakistan Tenis Federation) Tennis Complex and actually, the writer is speaking the language of ex-office-bearers not highlighting their irregularities which they committed to win the recently concluded PTF election." "We will welcome the positive criticism but undue and out of text criticism is not acceptable to us. We will continue to help the younger generation in learning and do whatever it takes to help raise their games to the international standards so these kids can bring the laurels for their country and keep the green flag high across the tennis world," he concluded. MOHSIN ALI