Our biggest worry is how to protect our young children and youth from the 'cultural invasion propagated through print and electronic media. Negative influences are slowly and gradually seeping into our social system making some of the members of the younger generation careless, stubborn and frustrated. In the name of freedom the youth is already becoming a threat to the norms and values of society. But there is a hope that it may be possible through combined efforts of parents and teachers to minimize the negative effects by continuous interaction. But what about the threat from inside? The way our politicians are behaving, using derogatory language and fuelling the situation leaves so many question marks. They are losing respect not as individuals but as members of their respective parties. Those who are supposed to be role models are becoming perpetuators of emotional disturbance without realizing what would be the outcome. Is this the 'bloody revolution, they are giving statements about? Are they going to realize the necessity of national integrity and unity at this crucial stage when the Army is giving sacrifices to bring peace and stability in the troubled South Waziristan. Is this how they display the solidarity and support to Army and people? Personal and family matters have nothing to do with the politics and national issues. Degrading each other on media is like showing no respect to the nation and country. Politicians need to go through some grooming before taking over as MNAs and Senators on how to keep the state matters a priority. It is high time that a proper Academy for grooming the politicians was established where they could learn the basic principles of becoming a good statesman and a leader. Only those who qualify should be allowed to participate in elections. Continuous refresher courses on diplomatic relations are required. Public having power to disqualify whoever crosses the moral code, must be given some attention in time of election and government must sort out corrupt elements. A good step already has been taken by PM Gilani. ANWAR PARVEEN, Rawalpindi, January 1.