The choice of words that a man utters is a reflection of his character, background, upbringing, education and moral ethics. It shocked the whole nation to hear uncivilized street talk of men who claim to represent the people. The contents of their speech would put to shame even those street hooligans who have never attended any school. This reflects the moral degradation that today threatens to erode our entire system, where corruption has crossed all limits and even poor hajjis are fleeced, whilst the elected members sitting in parliament are involved in mudslinging and flouting all rules and norms so essential for any democratic system to function and survive. It is so sad that various television channels gave coverage to such leaders, who lack common sense and basic norms of morality. By uttering such abuses that would embarrass any decent family, they have a great wrong. The Interior Minister of Sind presented facts when he revealed the findings of the Joint Investigation Team set up to investigate the rise in street crimes, target killings and threat to the lives and security of law abiding citizens of Karachi. Therefore culprits must be held accountable and writ of law should be established. Political exigencies have already dealt a blow to our economic survival by letting murderers, rapists, muggers, common criminals and those who rob the state exchequer go scot-free. MALIK TARIQ ALI, Lahore, January 1.