President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani have made pledges that they would continue to follow the policy of reconciliation and consultation, while formulating national policies. How serious are they in their pledges would only be seen if they change their approach in resolving issues confronting the nation, including the rampant corruption, sky-rocketing prices and, of course, bad governance. President Zardari reiterated his pledge at Governor House, Karachi, where he was speaking after signing the 19th Amendment into law and making it part of the Constitution. He declared 19th Amendment as a New Year gift to the nation and claimed that it would block the path of clash among the state institutions. He also criticized those 'political actors who had been speculating end of PPP government, saying that such elements have been defeated. Zardari also paid compliments to the superior judiciary for the understanding it has demonstrated for the sovereignty of Parliament. Zardari claimed that by introducing the 19th Amendment, all those articles introduced by military dictators stood removed from the Constitution which fulfilled Benazir Bhuttos commitment. On the other hand, Premier Gilani while speaking in a television programme PM Online, said that they would launch jihad against the menace of corruption by amending the accountability laws. The interesting feature of his assertions was that he accepted that several governments, including two PPP regimes, were removed on charges of corruption. He accepted that with an independent judiciary, sovereign parliament and vibrant media it would be possible to accomplish the set target, including elimination of corruption from society. With Zardari and Gilani making these pledges, one can hope that if both of them were to seriously pursue them, they would earn respect for the government, failing which they would have to face the music sooner or later.