There are some important facts to consider while trying to determine the cause of Benazir Bhuttos death and the culpability of those involved. Benazir Bhutto signed the Charter of Democracy in London on May 14th 2006. She made a solemn pledge that 'no party will solicit the support of the military to come into power. But in April 2007 she met Musharaf in Dubai when he was Chief of Army Staff and struck a deal with him in violation of the charter and agreed to support him as President for another five years in exchange for being made the Prime Minister. After the Dubai deal when Benazir was scheduled to return to Pakistan, the PPP and all those whose political career depended on getting her elected were deeply concerned that on her return she would have to face the media and answer some very difficult questions like why had she gone back on her pledge in the Charter of Democracy? Why had she and her husband submitted hundreds of medical certificates to delay court proceedings. She would have had to answer questions about Cotecna submarine kickbacks also. She would have been asked to explain why she had promised the Americans that if elected she would hand over Dr. A.Q. Khan for interrogation and why had she undertaken to arrest or kill Osama failing which she would invite American soldiers to do so. But this is only one side of the spectrum. One cannot help but think about the conduct of the Zardari set-up in trying to nab the killers. For instance, if the UN Commission did not have the mandate to determine culpability then what was the purpose of asking them to investigate? Was it simply to delay and obstruct investigation? There is little doubt that death of Benazir was an unfortunate accident but I think the premeditated mass murder of innocent jialas was yet another motive for the perpetrators. As a result of this tragic episode, the PPP came into power and Musharraf went scot-free with 'honour. The US in turn got a compliant and loyal government. The people of Pakistan became the victims of drones, poverty and lawlessness. Ironically, the killers of Murtaza Bhutto were protected by her government and now those who were responsible for her death are enjoying the protection of her husbands government. Mr. Zardari considers he has the right to forgive his wifes killers for the sake of reconciliation but he has no right to forgive the perpetrators of the premeditated murder of 120 innocent persons. SADAQAT HUSSAIN