Asma Jehangir is a wonderful person as a human rights activist. But as a lawyer, she made the biggest mistake of her life so far by representing Hussain Haqqani in the Supreme Court in the Memogate scandal. Honest lawyers always make sure that their client is innocent even before the court decides it. Hussain Haqqani’s role as Pakistan’s ambassador to United States and the Memogate scandal were suspicious matters. What compelled Asma to become Hussain Haqqani’s lawyer is anybody’s guess? On one hand, she publicly announced that supreme court’s judgments will be respected but on the other hand when supreme court of Pakistan declared formation of commission to investigate Memogate, she stated speaking against the supreme court. She not only committed contempt of court but also made the heads of her fraternity hang in shame.

Asma Jehangir has now backed out of Memogate scandal. She says “Civilian Authority has come under Pak Army”. Didn’t Asma Jehangir take too long to uncover this truth, which is also a fact?


Karachi, January 1.