Exactly 64 years ago, we celebrated our first New Year in a country called East and West Pakistan– a name glorified by the remarkable achievements of our great ancestors, who over the centuries had built an independent state in south Asia, our great country; East and West Pakistan. It was our duty to preserve it and to build a progressive state, where all of us had the opportunity to lead comfortable lives. But, I am deeply shocked by the role of our military junta and military backed judiciary throughout history of Pakistan. After just 24 years, on 16 December, 1971 Pakistan was divided into two by our military establishment. It was because of it's atrocities that we lost East Pakistan. And yet again we are in a mess. Balochistan is burning just like East Pakistan. People have been made to suffer. Balochs are receiving dead bodies almost everyday but our honorable federal government seems least bothered. May the year 2012 bring justice to oppressed sections of our society especially Balochistan.


Islamabad, January 1.