The former commissioner Pakistan Commission of Indus Water, who facilitated India in building Nimoo Bazgo hydropower project has managed to flee to Canada in spite of being on ECL This man has damaged this country immensely and yet the powerful lobby which comprises of corrupt dual nationality holders within the establishment, helped him dodge accountability by concerned authorities, which unfortunately are controlled by men with split loyalties, having their assets located abroad. This incident should emphasise the need to rescind any dual nationality holder from assuming any public office. There is a vast network within Pakistan which facilitates and organises the flow of massive capital from Pakistan to help corrupt bureaucrats, retired khakis, traders and politicians to transfer their ill-gotten black money abroad. This group holds key positions with national airline, major financial regulatory bodies like State Bank, FBR, Foreign service etc.

Men like Jamaat Ali Shah, with split loyalties, should never have been allowed to hold such sensitive assignments, where their decisions have a long term impact on future of this country and its180 million citizens who have chosen to live and die here. It is unfortunate that such men, few rotten eggs, have brought a bad name to our expatriate community, most of whom like Lord Nazeer, have shown their commitment to Pakistan. Such men if selected for foreign postings and diplomatic assignments are liable to be tempted to compromise their commitment to Pakistan, if they, or their spouses and children have taken an oath of loyalty to another country, or are in the process of doing so. All citizens, whether they seek elections, or are paid public servants must be thoroughly probed that they neither hold dual nationality, nor own vast assets abroad. The risk involved is too much with devastating consequences for this country.


Lahore, January 2.