LAHORE – The annual general body meeting of PMS (Provincial Management Service) Officers Association Punjab held at a local hotel on Monday. The body termed postings of DMG (District Management Group) officers against PMS posts a blatant violation of the Constitution.

Good number officers of all the three streams of Provincial Civil Service, Provincial Secretariat Service and Provincial Management Service participated. The meeting was presided over by senior PMS Officer Arshad Bin Ahmad and was co-chaired by President PMS Officers Association Rai Manzoor Hussain Nasir.

Speaking on the occasion, Ghulam Saghir Shahid from Provincial Secretariat Service said certain quarters were demanding to change the face of the association so that bureaucratic establishment could enter into dialogue with them and grant the provincial officers their rights. He said provincial officers would not change their face and identity as it would be tantamount to losing their entity.

President PMS Officers Association Rai Manzoor Hussain said posting of DMG officers in the provinces at the cost of provincial officers was blatant violation of the Constitution. He said in Punjab this exploitation of the provincial officers was the worst and they had been relegated to serfdom in their own province. The doors of promotion had been shut on them. They had to wait for as long as 17 years to get promotion to grade-18, he added.

He further said the DMG officers surrounding the Chief Minister were damaging him politically by giving him deadly advices which served the DMG interests. He vowed to continue leading the provincial officers through thick and thin.

Senior officer of Provincial Secretariat Service Abdul Qayyum said March 18, 2011 was a black day in the history of the provincial services when seventy seven provincial officers, including four female officers, were arrested and stuffed in police lock-ups along with ordinary criminals. They were punished for demanding their legitimate rights. He said this event had galvanised the provincial officers and they would not rest till the achievement of their rights.

Senior PCS officer working as Director General Environment Mehr Maqsood Ahmad Lak said IPCC formula, under which the DMG officers were posted in the province, was bereft of any moral ground as the DMG officers represented the provincial officers in the meeting which decided the fate of provincial officers. He said the provincial officers were not even consulted on the issue. Under the infamous seat-sharing formula the DMG officers got 65 per cent seats in grade-21 and 60 per cent seats in grade-20. This formula sealed the fate of the provincial officers, he added.