LAHORE (PR) - Big Brother Dr Khalid Jamil Akhtar has demanded separate seats in the Punjab, National assemblies and in the Senate for disabled persons.

In a Press release issued here on Wednesday, Dr Khalid said that during the last 64 years, no person has actually stood for the right of persons with disabilities in the assemblies. Every thing was cosmetic, he added.

He said only the shoe bearer knows where the shoe pinches. Govt makes policies without us which are often not according to our needs.

Dr Khalid further said and directed all the disabled community on the eve of the new year 2012 that please only vote for parties who will support the demand of separate seats otherwise we are more than one crore and 50 lakhs and can announce our own political party to safeguard our rights.

In the end he said please do not look at our disabilities, look at our abilities, he stressed.