Ms Asma Jahangir recusing herself as Hussain Haqqani’s lawyer in the memogate case, will have come as a shock for him. He now has to appear before the judicial commission. She may be blamed to be seeking a moment in the spotlight, now that her term as SCBA President has ended. Some would blame it on the pique of a lawyer who anticipates that a case is about to be lost. Her delivery of some stinging remarks about the military and the ISI in the hearing in the memogate case, alongside her claims about the judiciary being under the influence of ‘the establishment’, followed by her sudden departure is confusing to say the least. She has also said that the judgment showed that Pakistan was becoming a ‘security state’. She also claimed Mr Haqqani was residing at Prime Minister House, because he is afraid of the ISI. She also alleged that he would make whatever statement he is told to by the commission. Meaning that PM House is not sufficient protection against the pressure he is under. If Ms Jahangir's claims are true, the ISI was unable to force Mr Haqqani to make a statement in its favour, before the Supreme Court.

Ms Jahangir would have done better not to have been involved with the case at all, rather than abandoning her client midstream. Considering the eminent position she occupies, she is well aware of the duties of a lawyer towards a client, who must receive full representation, irrespective of any personal views the lawyer may hold.

Ms Jahangir must now observe silence on this issue; an issue on which she has been more forthcoming than her former client. He must also move on, either to another lawyer, or to being unrepresented. The latter is actually a realistic option, because his appearance is before a commission, and though it comprises high court chief justices, it will not be the same as a court hearing.