KARACHI - Pakistan Peoples Party Central Deputy Secretary and Provincial Minister for Information, Sharjeel Memon has said that everybody knows about aimless long march and what the conspirators want. He was talking to a delegation of the office-bearers of Peoples Youth Karachi Division here at his office on Wednesday. He said that we would not allow anybody to derail democracy in the disguise of long march. “Our leader sacrificed her life to save democracy in Pakistan.”“Now country could not bear any more adventure and nobody could have authority to decide our fate who are having dual citizenship. Allama Tahirul Qadri had changed his stand after December 23 address, he (Tahirul Qadri) himself did not know what he wanted to do.”The minister further said, “Those elements are provoking to hold long march and sit-in. They did not brief Tahirul Qadri thoroughly but government and the PPP will foil this disgusting conspiracy. The nation should prepare next election and not to listen rumours.”The only one solution of all problems is continuation of democracy and change is only possible by the democracy. Long march cannot bring any change. Democrats and free media will expose all these people who are working on foreign agenda and trying to drag the country into the anarchy but now people cannot be made fool, he concluded.KU new academic year starts from January 18: The Registrar of University of Karachi announced here on Wednesday that the new academic year of KU would commence from January 18.The regular classes of the first semester will start from January 18, he said.