PESHAWAR – All Pakistan CNG Association Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (APCNG) on Wednesday rejected the recently increased prices of CNG by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority up to Rs 12.80 per kg for Region-I, and threatened to stage a sit-in outside the Ogra office and Parliament House against the decision.Addressing at a press conference, Chairman APCNG KP Region, Fazal Mukim said that the Ogra had recently fixed Rs74.44 per kg for Region-I comprising on Potohar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Bolachistan, while Rs65.78 per kg for Region-II, comprising Sindh and Punjab. He said the decision was aimed at to deteriorate the CNG industry in the country, which could not acceptable to them. He alleged that Federal Secretary Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dr Asim Hussain, and Chairman Ogra were equally responsible for the decline of CNG sector. He said that both CNG owners and consumers engaged with the industry had faced enormous financial crunch for the last three and half months. But, he said, the Ministry of Oil and Gas and Ogra are not taking serious the issues confronting the CNG sector in the country. He said that Orga had again increased prices of CNG in Region-I and II by following its anti-masses policy. According to the recently announced prices, he informed that Orga had fixed Rs74.44 per kg in region-I, while Rs68 per kg for Region-II. “We totally rejected the new increase in the prices of CNG, would strongly resist the decision of Orga”, he warned.The Chairman APCNG KP said that the industries are shut due to law and order and prevailing security situation, while the province was also facing low pressure and other issues in CNG sector. Mukim said that the electricity shortage had also halted businesses and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said that the CNG sale remained off for 16 hours out of 24 hours due to the suspension of power supply to filling stations.However, APCNG chairman said the CNG sale will be remain continue despite increase in prices by Ogra for Region-I and II, but they would also strongly resist the decision and hold a sit-in outside Orga office and the parliament house in Islamabad. He claimed that a large number of people engaged with CNG businesses would take part in the scheduled sit-in as they already selling CNG in loss of Rs8 to 10 per kg.