Jamhoori Watan Party Chief Talal Bugti has stated that of all the political leaders, Mian Nawaz Sharif is the only agreeable one while Tahirul Qardi should come to the rescue of Balochistan. Both Mian Nawaz and Tahirul Qadri talk of the federation and hence it is only natural for Mr Bugti to turn to them for help. His bitterness is also understandable since it was his father who got killed while in the mountains.

For the past few months, he has been active primarily to nudge the leadership out of its slumber. As every citizen can see, the province is up in flames that requires urgent help from the central as well as the provincial government. Hardly anyone would disagree with how he is feeling but that is not where his role ends. There has been a whole barrage of hatred violence spread deliberately by separatist forces in the province. That is where a leader of Bugti’s stature comes in. Change is coming and if, as he says, he wants to be a part of Pakistan, he would have to stand with the forces that seek an end to that tradition. No more can the Baloch leaders, extend one hand for friendship but stab the country in the back with the other.