DASKA – A British lady has won a three-year long legal battle against her divorced Pakistani husband and finally took her minor daughter into her custody.

A Wazirabad-based Pakistani youth, Rizwan Anjum, in the United Kingdom had married a British girl Miss Willingson.

They had a daughter Attiya. After three years of marriage, the British woman divorced Rizwan due to their mounted domestic disputes.

He brought his minor daughter Attiya Rizwan to Pakistan, three years ago.

The minor girl had been living at the house of Rizwan's uncle Khalid Mehmood at Muhammadpura Daska city for the last three years and was now six years old.

Her British mother had moved a British court for getting the legal custody of her daughter living in Pakistan. The British court announced its verdict and ordered the British High Commission in Islamabad to help out Mrs Willingson for getting the legal custody of her minor daughter.

With the help of British High Commission, Attiya's uncle and other officials reached Daska city and took the minor daughter into custody.