LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday attended the laptop distribution ceremony at University of Engineering Technology.

The CM said that laptops worth Rs 8 billion were being distributed among students on merit basis and brilliant students of other provinces had also been included in the programme.

MPs, teachers, parents and a large number of students were present at the ceremony.

Addressing the function the CM congratulated the students who received laptops and said that he firmly believed that the students through these laptops would be able to find out the formula of elimination of corruption from the country. He said that 40 thousand scholarships were being given from Punjab Educational Endowment Fund to such shining students who could not continue their studies due to poverty.

He said that internship programme for postgraduate youth was continuing successfully under which 50 thousand youth were being imparted training in various institutions and being given a monthly stipend of 10 thousand rupees.

The CM further said that Pakistan was facing crises; corruption was rampant while the enemies were bent upon getting Pakistan declared as a terrorist state.

He said that atom bomb and begging bowl cannot go together and in order to safeguard nuclear capability and ensure a dignified status for Pakistan.

The CM said that timely conduct of the next general elections was essential for the survival of Pakistan. He said that some imported elements want to shatter the hopes of people of the country but the masses would foil their designs.

He said that Zar Baba and Forty Thieves had destroyed industrial, agriculture and other sectors of the country and ruined its economy. He said that people had high hopes of democracy but the corrupt rulers of Islamabad had disappointed the masses.

He said that if democratic system had been unsuitable, laptop, internship and educational scholarship programmes would not have been continuing in Punjab and the Punjab police would not have saluted the brilliant students.

He said that presidents, prime ministers, chief ministers and some thieves and plunderers have been given guard of honor during the last 65 years but it was first time in the history of the country that this honor was given to talented boy and girl students in Punjab to acknowledge their talent and hard work.