ISLAMABAD - The Parliamentary Commission on creation of new provinces in Punjab seemed non-committal to the task assigned to it as skipping of the scheduled meetings and one-month time given to the commission had lapsed long ago.The commission meeting was scheduled for January 1 but due to some unknown reasons, it could not meet on Tuesday last and it was also not known when the next meeting of the commission would be held, as the Chairman of the Commission Senator Farhatullah Babar could not be approached on his cell number.The commission landed on controversy the day it was constituted as the members from the main Opposition party Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) had never attended any meeting while the two members nominations from Punjab Assembly sought by Speaker National Assembly was never made. Instead of nominating two members one each from treasury and opposition Punjab Assembly Speaker had dubbed the whole exercise as unconstitutional and threatened to challenge it in the court of law.A leader from the party in coalition with the ruling PPP on condition of anonymity said that PPP was just using the issue of new provinces as political leverage against Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and were not serious in creating new provinces in the province. On the other hand Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leaders said that Punjab should be given due representation in the commission raising serious reservations over the composition of the Parliamentary Commission which was headed by a person from other province who knew nothing about Punjab. Similarly, PML-N said that Punjab was not given due representation in the province while most of the members in the 14-member commission were not aware of the problems and demands of the people from southern Punjab areas.PML-N leadership wanted to have due representation of the MPs from Punjab Assembly in the commission as without listening to the point of view of the true representatives of the people who new provinces could be carved out from the existing limits of the province.Political and constitutional experts who are closely monitoring developments on this front were of the view that PPP was tackling a very serious matter in almost casual and non-serious fashion further vitiating the already complex issue.Some of the members of the commission belonging to the ruling PPP were also not satisfied with the working of its chairman and the way he was proceeding on snail’s pace, raising suspicions about the seriousness of the government about the issue. Sources further said that the commission was confronted with host of very serious issues as some of the political figures from Seraiki areas also demanded inclusion of some areas of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan as part of the proposed province comprising southern Punjab areas, whereas the chairman of the commission had categorically said that the commission was mandated to just deal with the issues pertaining to Punjab and the inclusion of areas from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan in the proposed province was beyond its jurisdiction. Senator Farhatullah Babar had further curtailed the scope of the commission he is heading by saying that their role would just be of recommendatory nature and to work out technical issues concerning the new provinces should be done by the technical experts to do. Sources further said that the demarcation of boundaries for the new province was one of the major challenge before the commission as people from some districts of the Punjab like Sahiwal, Mianwali and Khushaab did not want to be part of proposed southern Punjab province and how the commission would tackle with this issue is yet to be known.Similarly it was also not known how and who would resolve the contentious issues like water distribution and other matters between the newly carved out provinces in Punjab, as ultimately the matter have to get the nod of Punjab Assembly two-third majority hardly available to Pakistan People’s Party. While the move for creation of new provinces could be vetoed in Punjab Assembly with only one-third strength making the move even more vulnerable.