LAHORE – Pakistan based British blind judge Dr Ameer Ali Majid has said that he has been working for last 15 years in British judicial department and during the tenure he had heard and decided 3045 cases.

Majid said he was doing his work pleasantly and he never faced any problem during his service. He said that the British public were very happy with their system.

He said in UK, special people were treated very well.

He was talking in the forum Guest in Town under the aegis of TheNation and Nawa-i-Waqt on Wednesday.

He said government of Pakistan passed a law in 2004 that stated that special persons could work in any position but unfortunately special persons were not being treated according to this law. 

He said he could not become judge in Pakistan but he became in England, adding that he was the only blind judge in SAARC countries.

Majid said Pakistan was blessed with mineral resources and if its system would be transparent, it would progress rapidly.

He said he was also engaged in social work and construing a hospital in Gujrat which would be completed soon.