LAHORE – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has once again deferred announcement of the Party manifesto for the next elections.

Highly reliable sources in the party say that the manifesto has been formally approved by PML-N leadership, whose announcement has been delayed for 10/15 days for the reason of delay in its printing as the finishing touches, correction and certain petty changes took time.

They say the manifesto will now be unveiled in between 15 to 20 January in Islamabad.

The PML-N manifesto was previously due on December 30th when the party celebrated its 107th Foundation Day but it was delayed to January 5 for certain reasons. Now the actual date of announcement of the manifesto will be decided in due course.

A Central committee headed by Sartaj Aziz, has prepared the manifesto with the help of experts in various sub-committees which are tasked with the preparation of various parts of the manifesto under respective heads.

The PML-N Manifesto has given focus to economic, energy and other challenges which at present were hampering progress of the country and had put even its sovereignty at stake.

The party firmly believes that without improving economic condition of the people by putting the economic development on fast track through positive and independent policies, the country cannot thrive but remain under threat from all sides. The manifesto which had been framed to the needs of the present day, gives special emphasis on peaceful condition in the country so that a conducive atmosphere for foreign and domestic investments could be secured.