LAHORE – Prisons Foundation had been made functional for the welfare of jail officials and prisoners as well, said a senior officer of jail on Wednesday.

He said that Punjab government had announced the same in 1996 but it was dysfunctional and unregistered but present management had not only made it functional but also got it registered with department concerned. The foundation would be headed by Secretary Home Punjab government who would be the Chairman of the foundation, while Additional Secretary Home Vice Chairman; Inspector General Prisons will be the Secretary General and Deputy Inspector General (DIG) as Secretary Finance. Apart from these office bearers 16 Executive members of the foundation have been chosen from various departments and ranks like a member from pay scale one to four, one from clerical staff, jail retired officer etc. An officer said that Punjab government had granted Rs 700 millions in this regard and officers and employees would also contribute in this head. Staff from grade one to four will have to contribute Rs 100 per month and from grade four to nine Rs 150, grade nine to 14 Rs 200, officers of grade 14 to 16 Rs 250, grade 17 and 18 Rs 300 and officers of grade 19 to 21 will have to contribute Rs 350 per month.

The official said that only those officials and officers would be eligible to get assistance from Welfare Foundation who would have membership of the foundation. The foundation would also perform for the welfare of the unattended or poor prisoners, like payment of fines and their medical examinations etc. Foundation will also assist its officers and officials in the crisis like accident or serious illness and during their social needs like marriage of the daughter of any official of the department or any other calamity. Decision of the assistance of any official would be taken by the board and it would not be the decision of any single authority. It is worth mentioning here that Punjab government was already spending notable amount for the betterment of those officials who were martyred during duty in Prison department. Punjab government was paying Rs 3 millions to the martyred official of prison while his salary would be paid to his parents parallel to his service period. His father and mother would be eligible to receive deceased’s pension also.