KARACHI - SBP has decided to publish an additional report: “Bank-Wise Access to Overnight Repo/Reverse Repo Facilities on Quarterly Basis” on its website. The report will provide market with details of number of times individual institutions have accessed SBP Interest rate corridor during the preceding quarter.

Banks have already been given flexibility with enhancement of reserves maintenance period to two weeks and reduction in daily minimum CRR to 3.0pc. Hence, SBP believes that broadcasting of this data will promote transparency and encourage banks/DFIs to improve their liquidity management practices and ensure smooth functioning of Interest Rate Corridor.

DMMD of SBP currently publishes consolidated and Bank-wise weekly reports on Excess Cash Reserves held by the banks over and above the required CRR on SBP website. The objective of publishing these reports was to bring more efficiency in the money market operations of the banks and to improve banks/DFIs’ own liquidity management, which have implications on SBP’s monetary operations.