ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Wednesday raised objections to the review petition filed by former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani against his disqualification.Former prime minister Gilani filed a review petition against the decision of his disqualification through mail, but the Supreme Court raised several objections to it and sent it to the competent authority for further decision.The Supreme Court office said the review petition was incomplete and had not been filed within the prescribed period; in addition, it did not carry the security challan.Meanwhile, a senior office in the Supreme Court denied that the court had rejected the former prime minister Gilani’s review petition, saying the matter had been referred to the component authority for taking decision in this regard.He, however, admitted that the branch concerned had raised several objections, but the Supreme Court registrar office had not decided whether it should entertain the petition or not.Meanwhie, the Supreme Court expressed dissatisfaction over the Intelligence Bureau reply regarding withdrawal of secret IB funds between 1988 and 1990 and 2008 and 2009 for political purposes.Directing IB chief Akhtar Gorchani to file the fresh reply, the court said: “The IB DG should keep in mind that he, being the incumbent DG, has access to the record and should not conceal anything from the court. He may also keep in mind that if the charge levelled by Asad Kharal, an English daily reporter, regarding withdrawal of the amount for toppling the Punjab government in 2009 is not correct, at least he should disclose the other object of withdrawing this huge amount and details of its spending.”A three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, was hearing the utilisation of Rs 270 million allegedly drawn by the PPP government from the secret funds of the IB to topple the Punjab government in 2008-09.The court remarked: “It will be appreciated and kept secret if the purpose of spending the huge amount of taxpayers is disclosed. If the reply seems satisfactory, the direction shall be issued to former IB DG Tariq A Lodhi to personally appear to testify to the facts on the basis of the record; if he appears and confirms the facts, he incumbent DG will have to face embarrassment.”It is noteworthy that Tariq Lodhi who held the charge for two months, in his earlier reply, had not denied the withdrawal of the amount except stating that it was not for toppling the Punjab government.The court noted that prima-facie, it could be inferred that the amount was withdrawn and there should not be any reason for the incumbent DG to conceal the facts. “We expect full cooperation from him, being a responsible officer and head of one of the most important intelligence organisations of the country.”SC Registrar Dr Faqir Hussain sent a sealed envelope that contained Dr Shoaib Suddle’s reply. The envelope was opened in the court. The bench, after examining it, re-sealed and ordered the office to keep it into safe custody.The bench observed the assertions made in the letter by Shoaib Suddle prima facie confirmed the allegations levelled by petitioner Asad Kharal to the extent of withdrawal of the amount during 2008-09; but the contents of the letter did not confirm that the amount had been withdrawn to topple the Punjab government.“In view of the contents of the report, we direct Tariq A Lodhi through the IB DG to appear in person on the next date of hearing.” The court also directed the federal finance secretary to trace the record on the basis of which sanction was given to withdraw the amount, besides furnishing the details of transferring the same to the account of the IB.The court ordered its office to repeat the notice issued to former IB DG Masood Sharif, in pursuance of its order on November 28, 2012. The sealed envelope, containing replies of former IB DGs, Aftab Sultan and Javed Noor, were opened, perused and re-sealed. The case was adjourned till January 8.