According to news, US is still in shock and grief after killing of twenty seven people most of them were innocent young children in Connecticut primary school. Six teachers lost their lives in this tragic incident and now Connecticut shooting incident is considered to be the worst massacre in US history. In his speech President Obama called the incident as a national tragedy and said nations’ heart is broken, President also wanted to amend US gun laws after the tragic incident. Killing of innocent people is a heinous act and can’t provide justification.

Delay in justice is killing of justice; those involved in killing of innocent people must be brought to justice and justice should be provided to the affected families immediately. The reality is that Americans people rarely experience such tragic incidents at home but they inflict such barbarous acts in the US occupied countries that an example cannot be found. Record number of civilians most of them women and children losing their lives in Afghanistan due to NATO bombardment and road side bombing is horrifically large. Earlier this month a roadside bomb killed seventeen civilians mostly women and children on their way to a wedding party in western Afghanistan.

Civilian population is also paying high price for US drone attacks in Pakistan. An attack on religious seminary in South Waziristan killed eighty innocent children like Connecticut school children. In his recent statement former US president Jimmy Carter accepted that drones are targeting civilians. After departure of US forces, Iraq peace situation is still unstable and killing of forty or fifty people have become routine in Iraq most of the people who lose their lives are innocent civilians. The children killed in Waziristan are no different than the children killed in Connecticut school tragedy. Who is weeping for the innocent children killed in Waziristan, but I am sure that there will be retribution.


Jeddah, December 15.