It is essential and necessary to have good leadership for a fully functioning government that can deliver on its promises; we cannot minimize the role of the ruled or electorates in protecting wrong leaders and keeping them in power. Hence, it is important for us the electorates now to examine ourselves and our attitudes. This is critical because commonsense should tell us that there can be no leaders without consenting electorates or subjects. Leaders need electorates and therefore electorates have the power to elect leaders or indeed to pull them down.

These people are leaders because we elected some of them, and the ones we elected like Syed Qaim Ali Shah took it upon himself to force such ministers who distort the constitution, and distort the entire concept of democracy and good governance. He has appointed such unintelligent officers on very important positions, who have brought ruin to Sindh province, particularly, the Sindhis. Some of these people may be our kinsmen but let us call them what they truly are, they are a national disgrace. The present political breed, indeed, corrupt and incompetent, will remain in government as long as we want them to; we should not underestimate our powers as electorates to bring them, their cabinet and the entire ruling elite down. The damage the present ruling elite is doing is unjustified and may become irreparable and the voters must bring them down come the next national polls.


Islamabad, December 27.