I’m writing with reference to Humayun Gauhar’s column dated December 29. I am surprised at the logic and argument put forward by few within media and politics, critical of Federal Government’s constitutional obligation to file charges of treason against former military dictator Musharraf for his November act. Especially surprising are arguments of PPP and their coalition partners, who ruled this country for over five years, or those who never tire of claiming that this trial will be of armed forces, not the culprit. What they forget is that institutions are more important than individuals and process of accountability within them, strengthens them not weakens them.

For their information President Obama’s seeking resignation of Gen Patraeus Director CIA in November of 2012, for his extramarital affair, was never considered to be tarnishing image of CIA, nor was removal of Gen Allen, nominated NATO commander in Afghanistan on similar charges. May I remind these critics that Alphonse Al Capone, accused of murdering, smuggling, prostitution, and other illegal activities was put on trial for Tax Evasion in 1931, because in the opinion of the prosecutor, conviction was more likely, than on any other charges, since witnesses were hesitant to come forward, for fear of their lives.

The PML-N government can and should be criticized for other numerous failures, but this is certainly not one of them. Institution of our armed forces would be strengthened and their image improve by trial of this man, who violated constitution twice, humiliated our judiciary. His trigger happy antics lead to death of elderly Baloch leader, giving grounds for an insurgency to gain roots in that troubled province.


Lahore, December 29.