The National Book Foundation (NBF) has introduced a scheme for book lovers to get the books of their interest at 50% discount after getting the requisite membership. The members will be entitled to purchase books of their choice worth Rs. 5000 per annum. The membership will be given to 20,000 book worms throughout the country on first come first served bases. The good thing is that the planning commission has released Rupees 30 million for the purpose.

Though this appears to be an excellent scheme for book readers but membership of 20,000 and funds of 30 million for such a noble purpose are quite inadequate. I hope that Pakistan has more than 20,000 book lovers and in the first instance, at least 100,000 book lovers should get the chance to become members and funds may be increased accordingly. Anyhow hats off to the national book foundation for introducing such an awesome scheme.


Lahore, December 24.