Now that our two-year term as a non-permanent member in the Security Council is over, let’s have a look over the resolutions and issues passed and raised respectively by Pakistan in 2012 and 2013. Our stay in the power center of the United Nations was indeed an achievement and a testimony to our exceptionally talented and dedicated Pakistani mission staff in the UN. Our ambassadors and secretaries proved their devotion and sincerity toward the demands and plight of Pakistanis back home by raising them eloquently and diligently among other permanent and non-permanent members in the Security Council. That said, there were quite a few obstacles and dead ends met with during this time – which shows how there is a lot, sadly, left to be done.

Pakistan’s military has played a cogent role in the United Nation’s peacekeeping program spread out to countries like Somalia, Bosnia, Congo and Liberia. Our focus remained on Afghanistan and the tribal areas in Pakistan; security building as well as maintaining peace on both sides of the border were the most discussed and debated issues at the Security Council. In addition to that, Kashmir remained close to our heart despite receiving a tepid and rather apathetic response from the remaining members of the SC. Ever ready for protecting human lives and increased cooperation, our representatives at the SC kept a longstanding principled position on tackling terrorism throughout the country.

The most frequently-appearing issue during our term has been the case of drone strikes. Ambassador Masood Khan’s voice has been most notable wherein he emphasized the need to critically view drones and understand the ramifications they hold for those in Pakistan. By the end of its term, Pakistan’s mission staff remained committed to pursuing national causes, even if not all their victories were properly acknowledged at home, and even though the directions from home have not always been entirely thorough or well thought-out.