I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the humiliation faced by female patients in the operation theatres and wards of Civil Hospital Karachi. We have always respected the privacy of females; there are separate seats in busses and women stand in separate lines for instance, but this aspect of privacy seems to have been neglected as in Civil Hospital Karachi where the attendants in the delivery room or the Gynae operation theater are male!

Protecting the privacy of the patients is the foremost obligation of any healthcare system. Fortunately, we have been provided with a separate emergency and labour room in CHK with an all female staff working there. There is also a separate elective OT for Gynae and Obstetrical cases but unfortunately the staff is all male. We can easily relieve the agony of our patients, who are actually our own mothers, sisters and daughters by employing female technicians in at least the Operation Theatres dealing with delivery cases.

This would also open careers for the females and hence contribute towards national prosperity. We must respect and safeguard the modesty and the rightful place of womenfolk in society.


Karachi, December 31.