ISLAMABAD- Former interior minister Rehman Malik has said, the term of good and bad Taliban is an invention of former Afghan president Hamid Karzai . Extending support to good Taliban by Karzai government was a wrong strategy.

Talking to sources he said, due to this wrong strategy of Afghanistan, two leading chief terrorists of Taliban responsible for attacks in Pakistan are still using Afghanistan as safe haven. This serves as evidence that the terrorists who killed children of army public school in Peshawar remained in contact with their leaders sitting since long  in  Afghanistan

Had any terrorist taken refuge in Pakistan after conducing such attack in any western country then everyone including media would have severely targeted Pakistan, he remarked. As Pakistan is a developing country therefore, it is easy for the western countries to criticize it, he underlined

When asked about reaction to the massacre of children in army public school in Peshawar he said, the entire nation calls for immediate steps in this respect. “Go and ask from the mother whose child has been killed in this carnage. She wants immediate action against the killers of her child.”

Clarifying his stance on the term of good and bad Taliban he said former Afghan president Hamid Karzai had used this terminology himself during his meeting with him. “I had asked Afghan president we should avoid making such distinction and all Taliban are bad. If you side with them then some new group of them will resurface,” he held. Afghan president did not agree with him and kept on pursuing the strategy of backing good Taliban ,” he said.

He was of the view that laws against terrorism should be modified in Pakistan. Laws were enacted by members of parliament therefore, it is domain of parliament to bring any change therein, he underscored.

Our former Chief Justice (CJ) says change cannot come in the constitution, he said adding “but when former CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry had given extension to former president Pervez Musharraf in the uniform it was also illegal and unconstitutional. We should not have double standards and instead we should say correct thing correct and incorrect thing incorrect by demonstrating courage,” he stressed.

Replying to a question on presence of IS or Daesh in Pakistan he said, “it is now an open secret that several evidence have  come into open on presence of Daesh in Pakistan and availability of literature of this group in Urdu language is also an evidence.”

When asked if he was satisfied with the performance of parliamentary committee assigned with the responsibility of evolving strategy against terrorism he said, “All the political parties agreed over the announcement of this committee. No meeting of this committee has taken place so far, we will tell after reviewing all matters that to what extent this committee has succeeded.”