Finally America has ended its prolonged war in Afghanistan. American withdrawal from Afghanistan will begin in upcoming weeks but their interest will not wan. America wants prosperous, peaceful and stable Afghanistan and they know after their withdrawal a war of influence will begin between Pakistan, Iran and India. America wants to give special role to Pakistan, to counter the terrorism, in the region as they appreciates serious efforts made against terrorism in the region, they also know existence of India in Afghanistan will damage peace efforts, as Afghan president Ashraf Ghani also cleared that during his addressing in SAARC summit and on several other occasions. Pakistan and Iran can play an important role in post-NATO Afghanistan for peace and stability of the country. But Pakistan-Iran bilateral relations are not ideal due to some factors, the suspended Pak-Iran gas pipeline project, activities of drug mafia near Pak-Iran border, cross-border raids by militants in Iranian province of Baluchistan and low trade volume due to American sanctions on Iran.

Without solving these issues Pakistan and Iran can’t work on mutual practices in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s Armed forces are making serious efforts to defeat and eradicate terrorism and extremism from the country which is backed by Afghanistan’s intelligence apparently with obvious Indian support. Afghanistan’s recent handover of prominent senior commander of TTP Latif Mehsud to Pakistan Government and Afghan Military operation against TTP in Kunar are the initial benefits enjoyed by Pakistan which is a result of improved relations with their neighbor.


Wah Cantt, December 31.