Guilt is a characteristic in every living person except politicians because they seem to lack a conscience. They have forgotten the difference between morality and corruption. The tilt towards nepotism is evident by the fact that major positions in the ministries in the government have been given to many of the relatives of our Prime Minister. In our country, there is no concept of accountability for the higher public officials. FBR, the institute that is responsible for holding accountable those who have been guilt of money laundering is itself an organisation that cannot be trusted. Similar institutions are being privatised to be vended off to individuals unaware of various conformities and rules. The trend of tax evasion by the people is an issue due to the lack of confidence in the government thus leading to a lack of revenue generation that could have potentially be reinvested back in order to improve the conditions of the country. 

Pakistan loses Rs22 billion annually due to the corrupt practices of politicians leaving the economy in debt and unstable. This further also results in discouragement of investments by foreign investors. The solution can be the establishing of a firm base of a corruption free government that out youth can in the future look to expand. 


Karachi, November 13.