Fraud if made from the most secured side then nothing is safe. We believe that banks are the safest place to safeguard our money we earn by working day and night. What if banks commence committing fraud?

On Friday 15 December 2017, I passed a check of fifty thousand rupees from a bank in Hyderabad. Before handing over me the money, the cashier counted the money thrice to avoid any mistake. Therefore, I took the cash and put it into my pocket and made my way to my workplace. When I was signing an agreement with a dealer, he found that two one thousand rupee notes were spoiled which made me ashamed as it came to me as I was trying to fool the dealer. However, I managed the situation.

On Monday 18 December 2017, I went back to the bank to replace the note, but the cashier refused to accept that money saying that you can get it changed from the State Bank because we do not accept such spoiled money even though we might have given you that note. I was told that I should have been careful while receiving the money. Besides me, many other customers could have been the victims of such frauds.

I appeal to the State Bank of Pakistan and all other concerned authorities to take action against such officials.


Hyderabad, December 20.