ISLAMABAD  -   Islamabad police arrested a total of 12998 criminals during the year 2018 and valuables worth Rs689.5million, a huge cache of contraband and weapons were recovered from them, according to the police records. According to details, high vigilance in the city and effective patrolling measures helped the police bust 276 gangs and hold 758 gangsters. Capital police arrested 723 persons for involvement in 383 incidents of dacoity and snatching valuables while valuables worth Rs. 46.7 million including cash, gold ornaments and cell phones were recovered from the accused. During the same period, Islamabad police arrested 778 persons for their involvement in theft and burglary cases while valuables worth Rs. 180 million were recovered from them. A total of 162 car thieves were held and 180 vehicles worth 174.7 million were recovered from them during the said period. The police nabbed 194 bike-lifters and recovered 145 motorbikes from them worth Rs. 9 million. A total of 199 persons were held for their involvement in 201 cases of tempering vehicles while 196 tempered vehicles worth Rs. 278.8 million were recovered from them, according to the data available with this scribe. During crackdown against the absconders, Islamabad police nabbed 573 proclaimed offenders and 628 court absconders who were wanted by police for their involvement in murder, attempt to murder and dacoity cases. A total of 1083 cases of possessing illegal weapons were registered and 1110 persons were held besides recovery of 82 Kalashnikovs, 57 guns/carbines, 936 pistols and 8478 rounds from them. The police held 1623 accused for their involvement in bootlegging and drug peddling activities while 499.633 kilogram hashish, 81.137 kilogram heroin, 7.244 kilogram opium, 1.675 kilogram ice, 1.096 kilogram cocaine and 27371 wine bottles were recovered from them.

Islamabad police launched special crackdown against those involved in supplying drugs at educational institutions and nabbed 95 persons after registering 87 cases against them. A total of 48.189 kilogram hashish, 7.218 kilogram heroin, 33 wine bottles, 2.202 kilogram opium, 1.375 kilogram ice, 1.065 kilogram cocaine and 10 tranquilizing pills were recovered from them. The police conducted 195 search operations along with personnel of other law enforcement agencies and nabbed 822 suspects. Islamabad police arrested 232 male and 274 female persons for their alleged involvement in illicit activities during the year 2018. The police also nabbed 10435 beggars during campaign against professional aim-seekers while 648 habitual criminals were also held. The police also arrested 42 persons for their involvement in 22 blind murder cases while 8724 criminals were held under section 55/109. The police nabbed 173 persons red-handed during raids when they were planning to commit dacoities while 459 persons were held under Shop and Security Act. In all, 30 persons were held under the Foreigners Act while 212 persons were held for their involvement in aerial firing. The police also held 548 gamblers after raids and recovered stake money worth Rs. 19, 34,980 from them. Likewise, 399 persons were held for involvement in Sheesha Smoking, 58 persons for violation of Pure Food Act, 43 over violation of Amplifier Act, 228 for selling petroleum products illegally, 784 under section 188 PPC and seven persons for having fake currency.

SSP Islamabad Waqar Uddin Syed has said it is the prime responsibility of police to provide relief to citizens and every possible effort would be made to ensure it. Following directions and guidance of IGP Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar, he said, utmost efforts would be made to curb crime in 2019 as crime rate has declined significantly during the last year as compared to the previous years. Meanwhile, IGP Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar Khan paid a surprise visit to the police stations in the rural zone area of Koral, Lohi Bher and Sihala. The IGP interacted with the police Jawans and inquired about their issues. During a one-to-one meeting, the IGP issued orders for their redressal on the spot.

The IGP shared the details of recently approved package of the Prime Minister of Pakistan for martyrs, accommodation of police officials, increase in salary and fresh recruitment to redress the chronic shortage of manpower in the force. The police Jawans expressed their deepest gratitude to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and IGP Islamabad respectively for the favour. The IGP informed the police Jawans about his recent initiative “Respect people and get respect” and also shed light on its concept for respect of people. In addition the IGP Islamabad also briefed Jawans about Face book page “Friends of Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar Khan IG Islamabad” where they can share their good work videos. He said police officials will be rewarded for their commendable job and public service. He further emphasized that all police Jawans should act as intelligence operators, which would make Islamabad a crime and drug free city. He further maintained that protection of people should be their priority, as it heralds a better future of their children.