OKARA-Deputy Commissioner Maryam Khan said that it was the basic duty of Health Department's field staff to accomplish the anti-polio campaign across the district in cooperation with other departments.

She was chairing the first Anti-Polio Campaign of the New Year 2019. It was directed that all the three Tehsil Assistant Commissioners must supervise the administration of anti-polio vaccine to the children and also re-plan the campaign in the light of previous reports.

The meeting was attended by CEO Health Dr Abdul Mujeed, DO Health Dr Mehr Irshad, WHO Dr Mudassar, Dr Zeshan, all assistant commissioners, Ulemas and the management of private schools association.

The DC said that the Basic Health Units and the Rural Health Centres medical officers must supervise the anti-polio campaign within their Union Councils and participate in the campaign. The presence of traffic police on transit points must be ensured. The UC councillor's secretaries and Patwaris must also perform their role in the anti-polio campaign.

The DC advised the Health Department officials that anti-polio vaccine must be kept in cool chain and the refrigerators must be kept ready on trucks, and arrangements must be made according to SOPs for the teams.

Earlier the officials of the Health dept imparted training programmed on logistic and facilities during the Eradication of Police campaign.

Elimination of power

theft termed collective


Deputy Commissioner Maryam Khan said that the first and foremost priority of the nation was bringing complete end to the pilferage of electricity.

She added that the Lesco authorities must speed up their activities to end power theft. She advised the officials concerned to cooperate with the police to achieve the anti-power pilferage targets.

She said: "The Lesco authorities must continue operation according to the SOPs already fixed." The DC was chairing the meeting of District Task Force held for the elimination of electricity pilferage.

She directed the ACs of tehsils in the district to maintain links with police to help registration of cases and arrest of criminals on the intimation of Wapda officials. She said the electricity thieves had no privilege for any concession.

The meeting was apprised that 414 electricity thieves had been booked in the district. The Lesco raiding teams conducted 942 raids and had reported 986 reports regarding electricity pilferage. 414 cases were registered.