Pakistan is known for its agricultural fertile land. The agriculture situation of the country depends upon its rainy seasons and a vast irritation system. Once, Pakistan had the world’s largest and the best irrigation system. But the golden age of irrigation and agriculture to over soon because of ill planning of governments, civil and military. Different regimes had their own agendas and policies. They totally neglected the construction of dams. There are a few dams constructed with the help of the World Bank in the past. These dams are not enough for future needs and even for current needs as the population of the country is increasingly rapidly. The rapid population growth rate is highest in the region which is approximately 2 percent annual increase in population as 2017. Such a pathetic rise in population is alarming for a developing nation like Pakistan.

Geographically, Pakistan is located in the monsoon region, a region of heavy rain falls in the summer season. But, due to global warming, Pakistan is facing heat strokes in June, July and August and this has caused hurricanes and heavy thunderstorms. These heavy rains might be helpful if country had enough water storage capacity. Through the years Pakistan is depriving off water storage capacity for multiple reasons these are political issues, financial competence and regional conflicts. The best example of regional conflict is a violation of the Indus Water Treaty by India signed by both countries back in 1960. India has built Baglihar Dam and Kishanganga Dam on western rivers which were given to Pakistan and India cannot store or change the flow of water of western rivers. So, this is causing Pakistan to deprive off its precious water and causing water shortage in rivers flowing in the lands of the country.

Water level under the Earth is also decreasing and hence causing a shortage of drinking water because of a global heat wave and fewer rainfalls. Similarly, the country needs more electrical power to run industries of all types. So, keeping in view the historic move of Supreme Court of Pakistan towards building new dams. The honorable chief justice of Pakistan Mr. Saqib Nisar ordered to open a dam fund to raise donations to build dams. According to press release, two new dams will be constructed with this fund; Mohmand Dam and Diamer Bhasha Dam. Actually, Bhasha Dam’s foundation stone was laid by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousef Raza Gillani in 2011 but the dam could not be completed because of the country weak economic conditions. The dam will produce 4500 Mega Watts of energy which will be a major breakthrough for country’s economy as it will help to run small industries as well. So, more employment opportunities will be made.

The other dam that will be gifted to the nation by this fund is Mohmand dam. It will produce 800 Mega Watts of electric power to the National grid. So, both of the dams will add 5300 Mega Watts of electricity. These both projects will be constructed by USD 12.6 billion and as of now, about 9 billion Pkr have been collected via different sources from within the country and Pakistanis living abroad. Around 400 billion Pkr are needed to build lakes. We have seen a unity amongst the nation to build this dam and this shows that dam will surely constructed very soon. The construction of dams will create employment in pre, post and during construction of dams. Workers, engineers and other staff will be a need for the construction of dams. We have seen a local industrial products in the recent past which was caused by the power crisis. Many of the industrial units had to shut down which made skilled workers unemployed. These dams would be a gust fresh air for country’s bad economy as more local products will be produced and this will surely cause to increase national foreign reserves by exporting. Also, this situation would be ideal for Pakistan as we would not import items from foreign lands which causes a flight of foreign reserves

Hence, the nation should join hands to this Noble cause in the name of our beloved Pakistan. If we want to secure the future of the generations of Pakistan dams are crucial. Give donations to the fund to secure the future of your generation as Pakistan is our only home.


Lahore, January 2.