Massachusetts-WWE superstar John Cena joked about his break-up from former fiancee Nikki Bella as he made his highly anticipated return to 'Smackdown Live'. John Cena referenced his split from Nikki Bella as he made his return to WWE television.

The 'Bumblebee' actor was back on 'Smackdown Live' on Tuesday night (01.01.19) and while he was talking in character, he joked about real-life events, including his break from wrestling and the end of his relationship with his former fiancee. Addressing the crowd, he said: ''Why am I here? I don't yet have a reason! ''But the great thing about 'Smackdown Live' is that in 30 seconds, they're gonna play somebody's music, and some man's gonna walk down here and try to tell me that I'm an old, broken down, part-time Hollywood wannabe that should just get a haircut and leave WWE faster than Nikki Bella left me.''

Former women's champion Becky Lynch stepped into the ring to face Cena, and she also took aim at his break-up with a quip of her own. She teased: ''It's time for someone new to step up, step in and fill your shoes, and there's only one person for that job and I think these people would agree that that person is me.

''If you have a problem with that, Nikki Bella won't be the only woman to drop you this year.'' Cena was back on screen with his new look, after growing out his hair a little during a six-month stint in China. But Cena recently claimed his fans have not been happy with the change of style. He said: ''I've been playing a character on WWE for 15 years now and I've looked the exact same. I left to go to China for six months and I came back with [this haircut]. ''Literally, it's caused a tidal wave of emotional upheaval. I've literally ruined people's childhoods. Every day, I know you do mean tweets, every day it's a barrage of, 'Change back, you look ridiculous. You ruined my life.'''