Before USA started its hold on this world, the USSR was one of world’s most powerful countries in armed forces and education.

For doing so what they did was the advancement in their educational policies such as building libraries etc. People of Kohi Goth (a village in Bin Qasim Town), although have thousands of dreams, however, lack of access to education in the village drags that dreaming soul out of them.

Libraries are the best source if one wants to be a leader or be aware about dreaming and achieving your destiny. Without this facility, molestation, miscellaneous or assortment drugs would be common. Regretfully, Kohi Goth does not have such an infrastructure, so it produces followers not leaders. One said “If you want to destroy a nation, first demolish its libraries”.

I request to the higher authorities of education please make a library here so these children move towards education and conquer the globe.


Kohi Goth Malir, December 22.