Islamabad  -   The Attorney General of Pakistan has categorically rejected a report published in English and Urdu dailies of a leading media group yesterday (Jan 2) about Reko Diq arbitration, being administered by the International Centre for Settlement of Investment (ICSID).

The news report had claimed that ICSID had issued some award against Pakistan in the Reko Diq case and fines have been imposed on the Government of Pakistan.

A press release issued from the AGP Office said the report is entirely false and misleading as no award has been given nor any fines imposed on Pakistan till date.

The AGP clarified that arbitration in the Reko Diq case (titled Karkey v. Pakistan) is being administered by the ICSID and legal processes are still ongoing in the matter.

“It is entirely untrue that an Award has been issued against Pakistan, let alone an Award of $4 billion. The Award in this case is not expected for at least 6-8 months.”

Advising the media group to check the facts before reporting, it said that it was also completely false that “the flights of national flag carrier will not be allowed touchdown until payment of the fine in question on time”.

The same media group had also in the past adopted such practices by heavily exaggerating the amount of quantum in relation to Broadsheet’s Award, the press release said.

The AGP clarified that not even a single IPPs case is/was being administered by ICSID, and hence such false news is regrettable.

Before releasing such sensitive news the media group must “confirm from the relevant quarters the real facts, instead of giving baseless and distorted news”.

Through irresponsible and false reporting, the media group in question “is putting the position of Pakistan in a precarious situation. Such news serves to cause panic and unnecessary alarm in the public.”

As the false report about Reko Diq has caused a direct and damaging effect on Pakistan’s economy, the media group is requested to explain its position and advised not to release such false and misrepresentative news [in future], the AGP said.

The media group is also required to print this clarification in the same place and position with prominence, immediately, the press release demanded.

As the media group is held solely responsible for the damage and alarm caused by such false reporting, the Government of Pakistan also reserves its right to take appropriate legal action, it concluded.