Government of Pakistan has started a campaign to raise funds for construction of Dams. To be noted, long term dams will take minimum of nine years to complete. Short term dam takes five years for completion . Where as government has rightly started to address the issue, it has to find solutions for serious water crisis already faced by the country. Its water emergency, apart from serious power crisis already existing in the country !

If we were to go back thousands of years and scroll down to the modern times, it would show that water crisis has been basically due to mismanagement in use ,abuse and supply. We have to bear in mind that water is a rare commodity and like any other commodity of value, it has to be treated with utmost respect. It is at present gold in Pakistan available to only men in power! Those with stick have the stock and hence government has to address the issue with emergency planning. The governments have tended to invest heavily on largely inefficient solutions. Such as multi million projects of dams, water canals, aqueducts etc! These are neither economically sustainable nor environmentally viable! Holistic water management plans that take into account the entire supply, from source to distribution, economic use to recycling, treatment, recycling, reuse, can solve massive water shortage issues in no time!

No matter how serious water crisis appear to be in Pakistan, it is an easy solution mentioned above with bear minimum costs and resumption of water availability in quickest possible time!


England, January 1.