Apart from drugs, our society is menaced by even bigger disastrous norms that are often termed as part of culture but they are not. However, these norms as inherited are actually parasitic attitudes that’s enveloping up our culture into itself. Recently, a campaign which was the brainchild of UN Women started to pick up when celebrities joined in and started posing with an ANTI DOWRY sign on their palms. Entertainment industry bigwigs fully supported the cause regardless of their gender, the campaign later got controversial when celebrities like the Khan sisters participated in the loop. Aiman Khan made headlines when her extravagant wedding events got viral on the internet. This spendthrift attitude by these celebrities didn’t just get noticed or surfaced on the internet but bloggers were part of these events to generate the required media hype – this continued from pre and post wedding multiple events which were a great show of wealth and prestige, although it’s always earned not bought but it was a good attempt.

Earlier, wedding gala by Ambanis was talk of the whole planet where Hillary, not the Duff one but the one that comes with Clinton was shaking some moves with the King Khan at the wedding event of Ambani family. Surprisingly, people in Pakistan not only followed it but the celebrities here wanted to enjoy the same stardom in whatever capacity they could, they did, they did flaunt whatever they could. These events have trickle down effects on the fans of these beautiful stars, they idealise them and want similar prestige that they create with their wealth. On one hand, they promote their weddings with great pomp and show and on the other they pitch in modesty, social media went mad at the hypocrisy of these celebrities and the campaign miserably failed. However, what’s really important here is implementation of the Dowry and Bridal Gifts (restriction) Act 1976 and then there was an amendment which was passed later in 2016, in which the limits were redone as per the current prevalent value of money. If the said act is implemented with true letter and spirit then we don’t and won’t need such moves ever. For those who think, it needs a mindset change or behavioral change first, we have a very relevant example of timings of marriage halls in Lahore. During the previous regime, nobody was allowed to prolong their wedding events time/duration. Lights used to go off at 10 pm, regardless of anything, management didn’t care whether you have eaten or not, any particular guests have arrived or not. Gradually, Lahories became habitual of wrapping up their events timely. So, whatever government desires to implement could be implemented in a jiffy. Same is the case with traffic in Lahore, Punjab Safe Cities Authority has made people follow the instructions and rules.

So campaigns like these are not only hypocritical but also wastage of time, instead these NGOs must take it to the courts and government for implementation of the rules.

However, from this campaign some advertisers and general public made best of the trend and came up with some hilarious slogans. Read on to know what do they have to offer?

Usama Umair says, do you know how many people go into depression or inferiority complex when asked to give treat?? – his slogan is “Treat mangna band karo”

Asia Electric Fans says, “Jaali pankhay khareedna band karo”. (Don’t buy fake fans)

Ishtehari says, “Bar bar changes karwana band karo” [Stop asking for changes (in design) again and again]