LAHORE - The city continued to reel under severe cold wave on Thursday with mercury dipping down to 2 degree centigrade.

People preferred staying indoors to avoid exposure to harsh weather conditions, decreasing traffic on otherwise busy roads till at noon.  Excessive use of heaters at offices and homes led to low gas pressure. In certain areas, house wives faced huge difficulties in cooking meals for families.

“You need to finish cooking early as there is no gas after 9pm”, said Nasira Asif, a resident of Tricon Village, a small housing society near Behria Town. “From the evening till 9pm, the gas pressure is so low that it makes cooking really an uphill task”, she said while lamenting that the influential people may have installed compressors that was leading to low pressure or even no gas in the locality.

The situation in other congested localities was also the same.

“You get good gas pressure only till the afternoon. In the evening, the gas pressure is really low that is making cooking difficult”, said Mahira Shafqat, a resident of K-Block Johar Town. She went on to say that even making tea after 10pm was sometime impossible.

“Now we are used to low gas pressure. I always complete cooking before 8pm to avoid inconvenience. We usually dine after 9pm. At that time, I use microwave oven for reheating the meal”, said Naila Tariq, a resident of Samanabad.  “Low gas pressure is always an issue at peak winter. In emergency, we need to use LPG cylinder for cooking meals. This is an additional burden for a middle class family like ours”, said Khalida Parveen, a resident of Misri Shah.

In addition to intense cold, dense fog continued disturbing routine life by hampering vehicular movement, affecting flight operation at Allama Iqbal International Airport and schedule of Pakistan Railways. Fog started falling in the evening and become so dense at midnight that the visibility reduced to zero in open areas.

According to the experts, westerly wave is affecting western and upper parts of the country and likely to persist in upper parts during next 36 hours.

Meteorological department has forecast mainly cold and dry weather for Lahore during the next couple of days. Dense fog is likely to prevailing in the morning and night hours. Rain/thunderstorm with snowfall over mountains is expected at scattered places in upper Khyber Pakhunkhwa, upper Punjab, Islamabad, Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, while at isolated places in northwest Balochistan. Dense fog is likely to prevail in most plain areas of Punjab and upper Sindh during the period.