LAHORE - Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said the country has been set in the right direction.

“The current account deficit has been reduced to $1 billion from $20 billion in one year, while bullish trend continues to prevail at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), which has touched the highest level of 42,518 points,” he said while addressing the 18th Convocation of the University of Management and Technology (UMT) here on Thursday.

At the convocation, 1934 graduates were given degrees in various disciplines. According to a press release, degrees were awarded to 1,130 bachelor’s students, 246 master’s students, 543 MS/M.Phil students and 15 PhD scholars.

Furthermore, 18 Patron’s gold medals, 22 Rector’s silver medals, 7 Rector’s Academic Excellence Awards Gold Medals, 6 certificates of excellence, 3 Rector’s research recognition award, 8 Special Medal Awards, 05 Rector’s Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 10 Extra Curricular Medal and Award, 04 Highest Number of Publications (Faculty), 04 Highest Impact Factor Publication (Faculty) were also given away on the occasion of the annual convocation.

Current deficit cut to $1b from $20b

Rabita Alam Islami’s Secretary General Dr Abdur Rehman Almatar, Federal Minister for Privatisation Mohammad Mian Soomro, UMT President Ibrahim Hassan Murad and UMT Chairman Dr Ahmed Umar Murad were also present.

Ch Sarwar said that credit goes to the PTI government for saving Pakistan from bankruptcy. He said that Pakistan had sacrificed more than 70,000 lives in the war against terrorism and so far Pakistan suffered 100 billion dollars loss. However, security matters have now improved and foreign direct investment is increasing and extremism has also been eliminated from Pakistan, he added.

While strongly condemning Indian aggression against Kashmiris and Indian Muslim, the Governor said that now entire India had turned into occupied Kashmir in the wake of controversial Citizenship Act. Kashimiris and Indian Muslims were bravely facing the state atrocities. He added that if India resorted to any misadventure against Pakistan, it will be reciprocated in befitting manner.

Also, while talking to media at Governor House, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that government will complete its constitutional term. “People have given us five-year mandate to strengthen democracy and to fulfill promises made with them. When PTI took over the government, economy was in the shambles and country had been on the verge of bankruptcy, but our government by taking prompt and effective measures not only saved Pakistan from bankruptcy but also reduced substantially the country’s deficits, which is ample proof of its best performance”, he observed.

He said that government was striving hard to control price hike in the new year, and people will be provided with best educational and health facilities. Provision of clean drinking water to masses is also my dream and for this purpose, Punjab Aab Pak Authority has been constituted and by next four year, clean drinking water will be available in every city, town and village of the province.

Later talking to students’ delegation from University of Virginia, Chaudhry Sarwar said that in the field of higher education, graduates of Pakistani universities are earning good reputation for Pakistan in the entire world.

I am glad to have meeting with you. Today Pakistan has become a peaceful country and reforms are also being introduced in the educational system of Pakistan.