KARACHI             -            Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Thursday said his party would rescue the residents of Sindh from the incompetent and tyrannical rulers who have been occupying the province for about 3 decades.

He expressed these views while addressing a meeting of the Sindh Council here. The rulers have to stop oppressing the people of Sindh who are suffering from dog bites and AIDS, he added.

Not a single model school exist in Sindh despite spending more than a thousand billion rupees in the name of education, entire education system is ruined in the province while infrastructure is in rubbles. People are facing immense problems. The attitude of the past governments will no longer be tolerated, he added.

Kamal said clouds of despair will be removed after the PSP’s January 24 Larkana rally. PSP will serve the people without distinction of urban and rural Sindh. Sindh has no alternative option than PSP.

In order to achieve their vested political interests, Kamal said the politicians created a vacuum between Urdu and Sindhi speakers, which was abolished by Allah Almighty.

Therefore, it is now the duty of the oppressed people of Sindh to go out and declare their decision in the Larkana rally and oppose the present rulers.

They should give their decision in favour of PSP on the basis of efficiency and competence, because none other than PSP has experience to solve problems.