The 13 years old girl was lapidated by Jirga in internal Sindh because her mother refused to marry her saying that she is too young for marriage so the other people who want to marry her try to assassinate her character and The Jirga order people of town to lapidate her in front of everyone, including her mother and family. They threw stones on her until her last bone of her body shattered into pieces and her last drop of blood drip away. Enough of this stupid foolish cruel and cold blood behaviour and themselves. Is this the Riyasat e Madina? Where being alive is considered expensive but death is cheap as a 1 cent candy? Enough of this! No more tweets! No more condemnation! We want strict laws and actions upon them!

We want the culprits of this case and every child abuse culprits to be hanged publicly so it should be example for others!