Striking a balance between academic life and extracurricular activities is a formidable challenge for a university fresher. The moment a student enters the threshold of a university in his salad days, he stands exposed to the colourful temptations that the university life offers. Unlike the methodical lifestyle of a school, university life provides multiple opportunities to exercise independence of judgment. The freedom to skip a class, move to the cafeteria at will, visit the library during the classroom timings, join a dramatics club offers a vista of novelty to a fresher. The newly-acquired sense of freedom excites the artistic self of a student and propels him to break the shell of confinement by all means.

The desire to refine the artistic self takes over the desire to secure the leading position in the classroom. A fresher should forge a healthy relationship with books, so that he can advance in the field of knowledge. He should overcome his personality shortcomings by taking guidance from worldly-wise teachers, resourceful libraries and learned seniors. This trend is on the decline unfortunately. Students tend to give topmost value to extracurricular activities---- debates, dramatics, media management and administrative affairs which mars their academic performance. Divorcing oneself from books and libraries bring about the academic downfall of a student.

Inability to handle freedom is a real-life conundrum of a modern-day university student. A university presents exciting spectacles to the youth. The sound of music coming from music societies, fiery speeches made by the debaters in the corridors, open mingling of boys and girls, super seniors openly flouting the norms of a university are a big distraction for a fresher. He fails to connect these spectacles with his limited experiences of the past. The university life brutally shatters his narrow worldview and lures him into the artistic activities taking place on the university campus. By the time he learns how to operate as a well-behaved student, he has wasted a lot of his precious time.

Rising to prominence at the cost of losing the intellectual self is criminal. The fresher feels an overwhelming urge to make himself distinct through flamboyant dressing, artificial mannerisms, befriending ladies and making videos that can be posted on social media. The desire to become a social media sensation and a classroom sensation make the fresher a fallen hero. The steep downward course once taken cannot be averted. Teachers should play an instrumental role in setting the right trends. They should promote a culture of learning by providing a creative space to all the students in the classroom. The more a student would feel attracted towards books, the more he will try to rise above the temptations offered outside the classroom.

Unnatural eating patterns, sleeping patterns and reading patterns have adversely affected the youth. The road to scholarship calls for multiple adjustments in lifestyle. Eastern students have developed a fetish for junk food which is conducive to stomach disorders. In the same way, conducting intellectual researches in nocturnal mode muffles the creativity of students. Another principal drawback of a modern-day student includes the habit of embracing intellectual inertia in the classroom. The pursuit of knowledge is replaced with the pursuit of degree --- it defines the deteriorating standards of the youth. Without the right eating patterns, sleeping patterns and reading patterns, the road to scholarship would be like chasing a mirage. Physical fitness and right frame of mind are prerequisites to attaining knowledge.

Teacher-student bonding has deteriorated into a mechanical relationship. Students place teachers on a high pedestal generally, but now-a-days the mindset has completely changed. Teacher is no longer the fountainhead of wisdom or a real-life hero, he is reduced to a third-rate citizen in a Third World country. The intellectual advancement of a society is the outcome of a teacher-student research conducted in a classroom. The moment a teacher-student bond becomes weak, it signals the downfall of the entire generation. The impact of a teacher in the societal growth can never be underestimated. Unfortunately, the people who opt lectureship are not as inspirational as they should be. This has put a dent on the stature of teachers, who have been the driving force in the country’s growth since ages. If the best minds would start opting for lectureship, the future of the students would be in safe hands.

The topmost emphasis of the current government should be on bringing the most creative minds to lectureship. The best of the best deserve to steer the ship of knowledge towards excellence. Leading specialists of different fields of knowledge should conduct classrooms in a university to upgrade the academic standards. The directionless youth is desperately in need of teachers who can understand the difficulties posed by the modern era. It is the job of teachers to act as a bridge between the past and the present. The candle of light should keep glowing. In order to make the students revisit their academic lifestyles, it is essential to bring the most creative minds to the classroom. Shape up or ship out!                                          –Contributed