Parents send their daughters to school, colleges, or anywhere so they can get basic education and can fulfill their dreams. But everytime when she step out of her house there’s always a abuser sitting there and waiting for her so he can harrass her, even this country is becoming danger zone for girls and child (either he is boy child or girl child). A government who is speaking about ‘State of madina’ is doing nothing except saving their positions and money.

I request prime minister to take actions against such molesters. Its enough now. If you cannot handle than you should allow us (women, children) to keep knives and blades in their bags or purses so they could handle their situations by themselves. As the graph of this society is declining day by day and government is unable to stop this. And this is the only option left. Kill the rapist at spot because there’s no mercy for such monsters. Wake up my dear Prime Minister your masses are in danger.