It felt after world war two when thousands of children, women and old people and other left the world with lots of pain. Many countries raised to come on one platform to support human rights. On 10th of December 1948, UN general called out the nation to vote for human rights. Among all countries 48 voted in the favour of human rights.

It must not be wrong to say that in many regions of country developed this mission successfully. Government also mentioned, emphasized in laws and orders for men kind rights. Slavery gradually came to an end in some nations and everyone encouraged equality. Further, minority tension , tribes, and race problem relieved.

However, it’s hard to mention that one group of human still lack their rights. These innocents are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. It saddens a gentle person by hearing these to be called Extra and dirty people of society because their only fault is having desire over same gender. The transgender have been devalued and looked down for several years throughout the world. Actually, the straight people consider them useless who are effected of HIV and AIDS. But, science proved that it’s a wrong a notion about them. The only difference between straight and transgender is sexual desire, one is homosexual and the other is heterosexual.