LAHORE - Lawyers body has suggested amendments in the National Judicial Policy to make it more viable and quick to the meet the purpose. Judicial Activism Panel (JAP) in its meeting with Muhammad Azhar Siddique in the chair Thursday, took thorough review of the Policy and worked out suggestions for consideration by the participants of the conference being held on the Policy on July 4 and 5 next. The JAP suggests appointing a sessions judge in every district to deal with the complaints against the police particularly with regard to non-registration of the FIR, and other public problems and pass directions and decisions on the spot. This would not only serve for open kutchery but also reduce the suo moto pleas before superior judiciary in addition to ensuring quick administration of justice. That the Executive should be asked for bringing necessary changes in the criminal and civil procedural laws to address the problems of pendency and streamline institution of fresh cases so that burden of cases before the courts remains manageable. That the Executive should be called for immediate legislation on hoarding, profiteering, and overcharging to end the same through a summary procedure. Special magisterial mobile courts may be initiated to try the hoarders, profiteers, and those who are selling substandard goods and they be penalised on the spot and the SHO concerned be taken to task if he fails to take prompt action on learning any of the said crimes taking place in the area under his jurisdiction. The Panel has also called for repatriation of the nine judicial officers who are serving at the administrative posts in the Lahore High Court. Punjab secretary ordered to submit reply The Lahore High Court on Thursday sought reply from Punjab Information Secretary Shoaib bin Aziz and Chairman Punjab Entertainment Company (PEC) Sami Saad within three weeks in a contempt of court case filed against them by a former managing director of the company. The petitioner, Fazal Asif Jah, said he had worked as a MD in PEC before his removal form the post. He filed a writ petition in the LHC seeking reimbursement of his arrears of Rs 14,31,290 and the court ordered respondents to pay his within a month. But the respondents, Jah said, did not pay any heed to courts order and kept the matter lingering on for one or the other pretext. Later on, the government filed an intra court appeal in the LHC against single benchs decision, which was dismissed in June. The petitioner maintained that he again approached the respondents for the release of his arrears but all in vain. He prayed to the court that the respondents had deliberately and wilfully violated courts order. Therefore, contempt of court proceeding might be initiated against them.