SHAHID RAO AND DANISH HUSSAIN RAWALPINDI - The suicide bomber was killed and 37 others were injured, when a suicide attacker rammed his motorcycle into the bus, carrying employees of sensitive government organization, at Chuhar Chowk here on Thursday. However, some eyewitnesses and sources disclosed that six persons lost their lives in the attack on the bus carrying workers to nuclear facility, Khan Research Laboratories (KRL). It is, however, ironic to mention that there are conflicting reports about the death toll involved in the incident. The government officials in their initial statements said that 5 persons had been killed as a result of the incident. Later, they officially released a different version and said that only the suicide bomber had been killed in the attack. According to the eyewitnesses the bomber aged between 20 and 25 years, wearing light beard was waiting for his target on the adjacent link road and when Chuhar Chowk signal turned red he rammed his vehicle into the KRL bus bearing registration number RPT 9535. The bus was taking the employees of the sensitive government organization, coming from Golra Morr and heading for Katcheri Chowk and according to the officials some 30 employees were on board the bus. Earlier, first the high-ups of police officials confirmed the death toll from five to six but later changing their stance they informed the media men that nobody died in the incident. In the attack on the bus, 37 people were injured in the incident, which took place at about 4:25pm. While 29 injured were shifted to District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ), six injured were shifted to Military Hospital (MH). Three injured admitted in DHO were stated to be in a critical condition. There was everywhere blood, broken windowpanes of the vehicles and smell of diesel on the spot. Intensity of the blast tore the motorbike into pieces, which were later collected by police officials. An eyewitness and driver of a cab, Jamil Akhtar resident of Sawan Camp, who was some 25 yards away from the blast site said, The explosion sent a shaft of black light and dust into the sky, and I fell unconscious, but afterward, when I recovered my senses there was blood everywhere and a dizzy smell of diesel and explosives was there in the air. Later the emergency workers recovered me through the wreckage of my cab. The bomber rammed his bike on the left side of the vehicle, which badly damaged the exit gate area of the bus. Because of the height of the bus the bomber did not succeed to commit destruction on a large scale, a police official said. RPO Nasir Khan Durrani giving the details of the attack said that a bomber riding a motorbike rammed into the government institutes bus. However, he said, it was premature to give the details of the deceased but he confirmed that some 20 persons were injured in the blast. He said that they had attained some secret reports that terrorists might attack the installations in the city and they had beefed up the security there, but changing their plan the terrorists attacked the innocent civilians. We have recovered some parts of the suicide bombers body, and after DNA test we would be able to say something since forensic experts are also collecting evidence from the scene of the occurrence and the real culprits should be apprehended soon, he added. He said the police on pickets checked every passing vehicle thoroughly using sniffer dogs but in case of motorbikes the police officials just checked registration papers, and the bomber took its benefit. Soon after the attack personnel of law enforcement agencies cordoned off the area and forensic experts gathered evidence from the scene. There was a big ball of fire and smoke. Some pellets from the bomb hit the body of standing oil tanker in the premises of a petrol pump and petrol units but fortunately it did not catch fire, a worker on petrol pump located some 10 yards away from the attacked bus said. The blast site had been considered an oasis of security in the city as there were a lot of houses of important personalities in the area. The blast also destroyed some seven vehicles including three yellow cab taxis, two private cars, one high roof and one Toyota hiace, bearing registration numbers RIA 8855, TA 155, LOP 9939, RIV 4007, LEC 6471 and RPT 5515. A police official said that there was no indication that any civilian had been killed in the incident apart from the attacker. According to the unconfirmed sources the motorbike was bearing registration number RLC 8875. An intelligence official at the scene confirmed that four persons excluding bomber have so far been killed while 26 others were injured. Soon after the blast nearby shops, petrol pumps and offices were closed down and fear prevailed among the inhabitants. It is pertinent to note that it was the second incident of suicide attack in the area in a span of four months. The first incident, which occurred half a mile away from the recent blast site, claimed dozens of lives. The injured were identified as Muhammad Umer 40, Nadeem Ahmed 30, Muhammad Ishaq 58, Mehram Khan 62, Shafqat Ayub 40, Abdus Sattar 64, Azhar Mehmood 40, Tahir Rasheed 40, Rafiq 31, Jahangeer 50, Mukhtar, Kadija Bibi 30, Mubarik Ali 29, Sajid Pervaiz 51, Ghulam Ahmed, Tahir Iqbal, Muhammad Saqlain 54, Nasir Khan, Aman Ullah 35, Shabir Sultan 35, Khalil Ahmed 35, Ghulam Mustafa 46, Pervaiz Ali, Imran 30, Khalid Ahmed, Muhammad Tazeem 55. Later the Cantonment Fire Brigade washed the whole site and the traffic officials opened the road for vehicles at about 7:30 pm. Meanwhile, an official in CID Punjab confirmed the death toll as six and 25 injured. The blast was so powerful that almost all the injured said that it had affected their power of hearing. DCO Rawalpindi Imdad Ullah Bosal has confirmed one casualty and 29 injured. SP Potohar Rana Shahid said that more than 10kg of explosives were used in the blast and confirmed five casualties and 26 injured. Meanwhile, President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Chief Minister Punjab have condemned the suicide bomb blast. In a message the President said that the noose around the militants had been tightened and they were acting in desperation. He said that such attacks only strengthened the resolve of the government to chase the militants till their complete destruction. The President said that he was deeply grieved over the loss of the innocent lives in the attack and offered heartfelt condolence to the bereaved families. He also asked the government to compensate the heirs of the victims without delay and provide best medical treatment to those injured. The Prime Minister in his message said that the perpetrators of the heinous crime would not be speared. He also reiterated the resolve that government would fight terrorism till the elimination of the menace. He ordered an immediate inquiry into the incident and directed the authorities for the provision of the best medical care to the victims. Later, Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif visited the District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ) and inquired about the health of the injured of the blast. He announced Rs 75,000 for the persons who were injured critically and Rs 25,000 for other injured, besides directing the hospital administration to provide them best possible treatment. Terming a news report as rumour, he said that Punjab government did not have any information that five to seven thousand Taliban militants were arranging terrorist activities in the province. We can cope with the confronting challenge of terrorism only by creating unity in our ranks and it is high time to create an environment of brotherhood and tolerance in the country instead of delivering false statements to point scores, the chief minister added. Shahbaz said it was an hour of trial for the whole nation and the anti-Pakistan elements wanted to destabilise the country and create panic in general public through such cowardly acts. He said that the federal and provincial governments would deal with such elements with an iron hand. He said the terrorists were killing innocent people to avenge ongoing operation in Malakand division. Personnel of police and other law enforcement agencies were rendering sacrifices for the sake of our better future, he added.