Dr A.Q. Khan seems to be on a writing offensive, trying vainly to warn us of the fate of Baghdad and Khwarizm Shah. Gloves are off as he tells us in his recent article that the low level of education of our military leaders has not helped Pakistan. On the face of it, it seems a true statement. Yes, the military leaders have not been able to talk eyeball-to-eyeball with the western leaders due to these obvious reasons, but then even the 'educated' political leaders have been more than eager to give away everything. In response to Dr. Khan's diatribe, Mian Gul Aurengzeb, for reasons of proximity I guess, has come to the defense of Ayub Khan, insinuating that Bhutto actually wanted Ayub defeated in 1962 & 1965 at the hands of Indians, to ostensibly replace him. So A.Q. Khan may be right even though not too long ago, he also wrote articles about 'enlightened' Islam to please the 'liberal military junta' of the time. Mian Aurengzeb knows more than most in Islamabad how the long term fate of Swat depends on military leadership's ability to understand the problem, which by the way, only comes through sound basic education and social training. -M. SHAIKH, Islamabad, via e-mail, June 25.